To provide you with high quality photographs and videos of real estate properties and/or other subjects within as short a time frame as possible. Photos can often be ready within 24 hours. The amount of time needed at the property and for editing will depend on the scope and complexity of the project. Time is taken to ensure that the photos/ videos are taken with great attention for the best possible lighting and focus. The weather conditions and position of the sun will also be an important factor. The editing process will greatly contribute to the best framing and enhancement of the images.

I will gladly work with you to tailor my photography service to meet and exceed your needs.

The ultimate goal, of course, is to attract your buyers with enticing pictures that will hold their attention and lead to a “sold” sign on your clients’ property.


On the day of the photo session please have;

  • All drapes and blinds open to allow as much natural light into the interior
  • All the lights turned on
  • All rooms tidied and beds made
  • Clutter and personal or distracting bright coloured items stored
  • Clothing and items in the closets reduced or removed
  • Kitchen counters, breakfast and dining tables to be cleared and cleaned
  • Any personal items or family photos removed from walls and tables
  • Toys or bikes to be inside the garage or storage room
  • Vehicles parked away from the driveway or from the front of the property

Having your home staged and the landscaping trimmed and tidied will greatly improve the appearance of your property in the photos and increase the interest of potential buyers.

Who can use the photos?

In Canada, the images belong to the photographer. If the photos are paid for by the customer or realtor they are licensed to that person for the use and purpose they were intended. The pictures are not transferrable to another person or company for other use without the written permission from the photographer.